Asian persimmons for 6b or 7a, research bulletin from Wye Research Center (WREC)

I’ll post a link to my site that has a more lengthy post, but I was finally able to find some solid data on persimmon cultivars that would be suited to a 6b or 7a climate. I had heard of the planting at Wye through internet posts and that gave me the names of a few cultivars but I had never seen concrete info on dieback or survival across decades. So I emailed someone at WREC and they offered to send me a paper copy of a research bulletin that they had done. I’ve posted the document to my site after receiving permission to digitize it. I thought it was extremely helpful and I hope others will do. I haven’t found this document online elsewhere so I’m hopeful that this is new information for a lot of folks.

Asian Persimmons for 6b or 7a


Thanks Tim, I have communicated with and visited Wye but nobody ever mentioned that publication. There is also some information more recent than this publication that was in the NAFEX Pomona around 2005? which included more recent tasting information (as in relatively more recent). When I visited in the mid 2000’s many more varieties had died but there were still 20 or more alive and I collected wood from some of them. I can’t find the original Pomona article but I have a list somewhere of what was still alive when I visited.

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Thanks for Document Tim. I grow several cultivars, but information on all but a few is hard to find,

If anyone is interested in seeing the Pomona article – I’m pretty sure it’s the one Scott mentioned above – send me a PM. There are some notable differences in some of the details from the report that Tim shared at the top of this thread, particularly with regards to tasting scores.

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@cousinfloyd Could you possibly share the article here? I’d be interested in seeing it, as I’m sure others would.