Attempting to grow Gooseberries in zone 7b

I find the ones with purely European genetics to be poorly suited to my warmer humid summer climate and I’ve had all but one die. only one that has survived of the European varieties is Hinnomaki red, and it isn’t thriving. Whitesmith, Whinhams Industry, Careless, and Invicta are all from the UK and have pure eurpoean genetics as far as I can tell. I have read Invicta is rust and mildew resistant so I might take a gamble and give it a try at some point, but for 2024 I’m just trying to get back on track with what I have.

I don’t grow currants and I’m only just giving clove currants a try this year (on order, but not received). I would definitely recommend Glenndale gooseberry if you are looking to add another. Jeanne tends to have the best flavor from what I have read, but I’ve had 2 plants die on my in separate years. it just might not be suited to my area.

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I’ll have to give glenndale a try since it’s working for you. I want to try and grow a bit of both.