August rain and splitting Jujubes

We have had an unusual amount of rain this August here in north Texas. Usually it is hot and dry which is perfect weather for ripening Jujubes. This year ripening is also delayed probably due to the severe cold snap we had earlier in the year. My Honey Jar’s are just ripening now.

Picked these today for my BIL who was passing by town. Not perfectly ripe but the best I got right now.

Anyone else experiencing this?

The large ones are Redlands4, med ones are Sherwood and the smalls are HonyJar. All have some level of cracking.


I’ve never let mine go too long without water, but of course not everyone can water whenever they want.

Yep, I’ve got cracking/splitting on some of mine and some haven’t split that I thought would. I have a new seedling tree that is bearing really good fruit and it’s one of the worst ones splitting.

@castanea we have had very little time without rain this summer. Just when we thought it was going to stay a bit dryer the rain starts back again. Everyone that has had hot weather and drought has not lived in north Texas this year. Really strange year.


Your Redlands are ahead of mine. My Honey Jar are about done. Redlands hasn’t started.

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