Aunt Rachel Apple Report

After waiting five years for grafts of Aunt Rachel to bear, even with branch bending, I’m disappointed. A huge apple but soft and unpleasantly tart. Meh. I hear they’re better if the apple gets direct sun. May re-graft the AR branches. A very shy bearer here for me. Overall not a keeper. Monark may be my only good summer apple.


TY for the update. I had been looking at the Aunt Rachel as one to get for an early apple. I do have a Monark planted but it is too young to bear so far. It is only on it’s 3rd leafing this year. It bloomed this spring but no fruit. Hopefully next year I can report on the Monark.


An accomplished grower friend in Alabama says Aunt Rachel is his favorite apple. Maybe it needs long and extreme heat (plus direct sun on the fruit).

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I do think location makes a big difference with some apples. Just a few hours difference in distance can make a big difference from what I am seeing with some apples. Even soil differences can effect the apple.


Note that some of these early tart apples were developed to make apple sauce. Lodi is a terrible apple for eating, for instance, but makes good pies and sauce. What use did you put Aunt Rachel to?

I just ate it off the tree. Not a huge fan of applesauce so will probably graft it over to something else.

I like State Fair a bit more than MonArk… it is another good early apple to consider. I have not had a lot of fruit on either so consider my opinion soft. Both are good fresh eating red apples.

I removed a lot of early apples, many are meant for cooking only.


Wonder how it would fair in Florida?? One thing we have an abundance of is long extreme heat.