Autumn crisp apple damage advice

I transplanted this last spring and some creature stripped bark from it in very early fall, before I put up a barrier. I noticed it is awfully wizend looking still and then saw a large crack running completely through the trunk. Now, while all the upper portions show no sign of life to my inexperienced eye, I do see it just above the graft. How/can I prune this tree? ! Pictures are upper portion of the tree, relevant tree info, damage, and buds emerging. 20200405_154420|690x920

Is there a warranty?

Warranty was only good through July of the year planted.

Can’t tell from the pic, but it looks like a buck rub. Think I would cut it below the damage above the first green bud. You could let it go and see what it does. I have several trees that survived some pretty serious buck rubs. They look ugly, but they made it.