Harvest: November 10 – December 5
A green plum with apricot colored flesh. Developed
by plant breeder, Jim Doyle. Ripens very late, even
into December. Excellent flavor.

Anyone familiar with this plum? I’ve been looking all over but couldn’t find any source. I already talked to Joereal. Unfortunately, he sold his house and the 150 n 1 tree where he grafted the autumn jade plum was cut down immediately by the new owner :frowning:

I also contacted fruitwood but they said the graft didn’t take and may have died.

Maybe someone knows someone who still have this? I really wanted this plum for my son, he loves plum and I wanted to extend my harvest season.

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I found cutting at the scion exchange in Santa Cruz a couple of weeks ago. They might have been donated by Andy’s Orchard. good luck!


Thank you so much for your response. Looking forward for our scion exchange here in Sacramento.