Avocado container watering and leaf drop

My Mexicola which I planted in a container with potting soil 3 months ago has started dropping leaves. I had them in 5 hours morning sun and I was watering them ever other day for that 3 months until last week when I moved them into 8 hours sun and started watering them every morning, its been around 90 degrees for the last 2 weeks. I don’t know if I’m watering them to much or not enough? The potting soil says it feeds up to 6 months so I wasn’t planning on adding any fertilizer.

My Lila is not really growing either but at least it’s not dropping leaves. My Winter Mexican, Fantastic and Poncho are growing really good.

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It’s been my experience that avocados are exquisitely sensitive to root rot. The soil has to dry out between waterings. You could be dealing with too much moisture.

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That’s my gut feeling as well I didn’t know if putting them in extra sun would make a big difference after 3 months of being in the containers. I’m also going to put something around the containers to help shade them to keep them cooler.