i get mine at TSC but bet ag stores are probably cheaper. cost me $8 for 20#.


That would have even more chitin. Yes, good stuff. I added some about 4 years ago.
This time out of the blue my friend Susan said she was buying some and did I want any?
It was cheap so I couldn’t resist.


my buddy on the coast buys and sells seafood. he taken all the clam and cohog shells over the years and spread them down his long driveway. its so alkaline no weeds grow in it. its pretty impressive driving to his place.


I remember the driveways along RI’s southern coast with oyster/clam shell driveways.

I’d not want my own driveway here in Mi to be done that way (and the city would certainly prohibit it) but its cool knowing that it inhibits weed growth…



why would they prohibit it? no different than laying down white marble or granite. the soil there is so alkaline from many years of crushed shells, there isn’t grass within 6ft. from the edge there. he’s in blueberry country so most plants in downeast maine are adapted to acidic soils.


I live in a suburb of Detroit. A family around the corner put in an asphalt driveway a few years back and the city made him remove it (at his own expense) and replace it with concrete.

I’ve run afoul of their petty rules a number of times. Fortunately I’ve dealt with most of the people in the enforcement division at this point and they know I will scour their laws and find the loopholes.



Usually these are fire based laws in cities as tons of people park on there grass and start fires. They just rule out anything that isnt concrete or tar.


gotta love control freak bureaucrats! weaponized government. I’m glad I’m in the country.