"back from the almost dead"

I recently obtained a bunch of blueberry bushes that were starting to fade from lack of water. There was one in particular that had taken a real beating … lost almost all of the leaves except on one branch. I resisted the temptation to prune off all the other branches. This morning I discovered little shoots emerging from some of the branches I would have cut off. It makes me happy, so I wanted to share.


Thats great. And only us fruit growers truly understand the excitement of seeing a beautiful new bud like than coming out of a tree or bush that had almost died! I feel your excitement, and I understand it. I had a trifoliate orange that I was certain had died all the way too the roots this winter and just yesterday I noticed beautiful new growth coming from below the ground…so yea, exciting and fun to see something come back to life.


I can identify with the feeling! I ordered a Matsumoto Wase Fuyu persimmon last year. It came in mid-March from a Southern nursery, and I promptly planted it. I afterwards received and planted seven persimmons from other sources. Those all had bud break within two weeks, but nothing happened with the MWF. By mid-June I was thinking of reporting it as DOA, but since it did not look dried out, I decided to wait a bit longer and keep it watered. Then near the end of June, to my shocked delight, there was noticeable bud swell! It progressed until I had a perfectly healthy grower by mid-summer. This taught me not to throw in the towel too quickly!