Back in the fig business

After years of staginess in figs, added more in 2020. Moscatel Preto, Red Lebanese/bk. Viollette de Soleis, B/G Gris.

Red Lebanese was grafted on Chicago Hardy than airlayer, now uppotted in a new 35 l container.


FYI it’s spelled Lebanese.

Great looking Pandan plant too. Looks like you could start dividing it up soon.

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Thanks Andrew, they are growing in my growroom, so they get a head start.


Please tell me what the best rooting media for figs is.
I have a lot of problems with rot.
Have tried several mixes and still lose half of the figs to rot.


Room temperature no 1,(heat pad) , 72* is a good start. You can use just about anything, clean peat has some anti rot stuff in it. I just use Turface. I have a concrete floor, so all containers are raised. Floor temperature is around 63*. Peat need to be just damp.
You don’t need a temperature controller, just use a couple pieces of cardboard in between and leave heat on. You ca use a $6.00 timer for 12 or longer time.


My current pad runs a little hot
79 degrees f.
I’ve ordered on with a thermostat.
Will go for 74.

Just got the thermostat.

Squeeze all the excess water from your peat/cocopeat. Really squeeze the hell out of it. If it is molding, it is too wet. I suggest covering the tops of your medium with a sheet of plastic, if you are not using the fig-pop method. I am going to try rooting straight into expanded clay pebbles as an experiment. I noticed that roots were popping through parafilm last year, and I want to give it a try.

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I have had decent luck with straight Pro-Mix HP and BX in tall tree pots. I wet slowly from top until it drains from bottom, let it drain further for a day or two before inserting bleach- or H2O2-sanitized cuttings. Sometimes I gently squeeze pot to remove more water before sticking in cutting. I do not water again until top inch or so of soil is dry–and then only from the bottom, briefly, except for maybe a tbs or so to moisten top; over a month usually passes before they are this dry–depends of course on heat and rh. Doesn’t work every time, but take rate is well above 50%. I’m trying some Clonex on some of them this year to see if it makes any difference.

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I plan to try dip n grow diluted with aloe vera juice, in place of water. I have several fat leaves to harvest, so why not give it a try? I have had great success with Clonex, but do not contaminate the bottle by dipping into it.
Placing plastic on the surface of the pot keeps the top from drying out too fast, and eliminates the need to water before it roots.

Same effect as fig-pop method, but without the bag. Also helps to cut down on fungus gnats, because you can run the medium a bit drier

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