Backpack Sprayer extensions

Anyone have a problem reaching the tops of trees with the backpack sprayers? The only extension they sell for my backpack is only about 40" long, total. I sawed the extension in half and added a 4’ length of brass tubing to make my wand longer (about a 7’ wand now). And it now reaches the top of the trees. It’s a little heavy, but not too bad. Anyone else have any other ideas?

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I like your idea for my trombone sprayer. I get the top of my 12 foot tall trees by climbing a ladder, but I’d rather fall off of a short ladder than a tall one!


I can reach the top of my fruit trees with a back pack sprayer by standing on my 4 wheeler. If I need to spray my pecans I just use the sprayer on my tractor I stand on the top of the roof and even with my tractor pumping full pressure I can’t reach the top branches. Though the pecans are 75 years old. I sprayed the trees last year and they produced some many pecans I was picking them for months.