Bacon Avocado

I picked up this avocado in June.

Here it is today. Lots of new growth!


I miss the great summer avocados of my S. CA youth, including Bacon. Here in NY, all we have is Hass’s from Mexico or S. America and some kind of water balloon from FL.

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Nov 1

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Looking very healthy for a pot grown avocado. Nicely done!

Here is an update - Nov 29
Are these flowers coming??


Yes. Which is odd. Normally you’d see this in late Jan/Early Feb.

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Oh shoot, Wow. It’s surprising because it’s had very little sun over the last two months. Leaves were on the trees outside until early Nov. Just since the second week of November it’s been getting more sun. Temps are still 55-60F as the high.

So we lost power on one of the outlets. I had to bring all the trees into the house for 2-3 days which was terrible. All the leaves got crispy and fell off. Some flowers have fallen off but it’s still going to try to bloom :frowning: I have since put them back outside in the GH.

That sucks!
Well, sounds like it might partially defoliate. With that, your tree will focus most it’s energy into growing new leaves. I’d expect most the blooms to fail.