Bacterial spot ? After the Louisiana flood

A couple of weeks after I got 2 feet of rain in 2 days plus raining off and on for another week most of my peach trees have what seems to be Bacterial spot. What do y’all think? What’s crazy is , it seems to mostly be my LSU varities , La Festival, La Peche,& La Feliciana . These are supposed to be disease resistant ! So must for that theory!!! In the picture you can see a La Festival on the right , and a Arctic Glo nectarine to the left. The Arctic Glo seems to be bulletproof down here in the Deep South , as well as Red Baron , Arctic star , Indian Free , mid pride & August Pride. BULLETPROOF as far as disease. (So far)
Does this look like bacterial spot ???

a couple more pics a little closer.

I don’t think so but then all I’ve seen is pictures. If it were bac spot I’d think the CA stuff would be affected first. I hope it isn’t a root issue. Any pattern related to rootstock?

All the affected tree were bought from local nurseries , but they didn’t come with any rootstock info. I would think they would have come on a rootstock adapted for this area. All of my trees were beautiful before all the rain. I know the rootstocks of all he California trees , but they’re doing fine. I keep all of my trees sprayed every 7 to 10 days but it was impossible to do so during all the weather we had.

None of my plums , pluots or apriums had problems either. It very well may be a rootstock issue.

I’d agree. Things like Nemaguard are very sensitive to wet soil. And that’s what a rootstock issue might look like.

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Could be , but I have a few California trees on nemaguard and they’re doing fine, maybe the local trees are on guardian. I’ll never buy another tree without knowing what rootstock they’re on.

I had one on guardian that looked like that. I thought if might have been a lack of nitrogen but none of the others looked that way. I had one beside it on guardian 8 feet away that looks ok. Rainfall has been heavy here as well but not as much as you have had. We have probably had 55 to 60 inches since January 1st. We had 15 inches just last month.

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