Bacterial Spot on peppers - how bad is it?

First time this year I got my pepper starters infected with what I think is Bacterial spot. The weather was not cooperating this year at all and 5 days of 7 were gloomy and cold for last two months. My heated greenhouse had to stay closed(and wet) almost all the time, and even when sun was out, air was so cold, the opened greenhouse didn’t heat above 70.
I never had this disease before, so know very little on it.What I understood from reading, it is systemic, so no cure, but copper can slow it down. Also, it infects soil. So I have several options: I can discard all the starters(crying ), discard only those that show obvious signs, or just plant them as is. I understand, if weather gets better, they have a chance to produce. But will I infect the soil and bring this problem to years to come?

After some close examination I am not even sure if it is bacterial spot… This is what I read as description for BS:
Necrotic spots may appear on leaves, stems, and fruits. Leaf symptoms appear first on the undersides of leaves as small water-soaked areas. These spots enlarge up to 1/4 inch in diameter, turn dark brown, and are slightly raised. On the upper leaf surface the spots are depressed with a brown border around a beige center.
What I see is necrotic spots looking the same from both sides - depressed. Like burned through…

It’s controlled here by Liqui-Cop. Here’s a blurb on the disease that infects Solanaceae:

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