Anyone growing this? I see it on Etsy with the genus/species being (Peritassa Campestris) I can find almost no information about it online. Also other things come up as Bacupari. Every time I think I know a lot of fruits I find scours of them I’ve never heard of. Regardless think I’ll try to get one haha any input at all is greatly appreciated on cold hardiness, flavor etc

I thought bacupari was a garcinia? (Brasiliensis?) I thought I had one but it was garcinia madruno and I lost it to frost.

Yeah apparently a few things are called Bacupari it seems. This is also known as Cerrado Bacupari? I think

Here’s a place that sells seeds and some other interesting things.

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Yeah I’ve found a few sellers but no information on hardiness etc. I guess there is one way to find out haha

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