Bad or ok branch angle on apple

I have had a few apples that for whatever reason I have a hard time getting to grow right. Last year I finally got a branch to go up but now am wondering if my angle is bad. Should I next year cut it off to see if I could get something straight up? It’s my worded one. Opinions?

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That one crook won’t bother me at all. Above the crook looks promising. Lots of side shoots with good branch angles. So I’d call that perfect.


Ok thank you for replying. Yes I hope to get some branching at two feet. Might try notching next year although this year was only one out of 6 a new branch formed. Maybe I didn’t go deep enough.

I find that a hacksaw blade is the perfect tool for notching. You only need to go down until you cant see the cambium layer and 1/3 of the way around the branch or 1" wide above the bud. The notch callouses over in about a growing season.

@dimitri_7a what time of year? I did this for first time ever, just as I saw new leaves emerge and went past bark but not into wood or cambium. Do I need to go into cambium but not wood?

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