Banana sideways?

I have some banana plants ,in pots, 3-4ft tall.
Of some of the harder types .
They will need winter protection here in WV.
I should have planted them out by now.,but… Not yet.
Thinking of planing them sideways ,. Laying down…
In my high tunnel ,
So I can just mulch them in for the winter.
Has anyone done this ?
Maybe iam just lazy .?
But I am trying to grow bananas in WV.
Has any one planted a banana sideways. .?

anyone trying to grow bananas in WV is clearly not lazy, as that is a lot of work! You can grow bananas sideways for easy storage. Possible problem is that for your bananas to produce a decent amount of fruit, you shouldn’t be trimming the leaves too much, and should be getting enough sunlight , so the horizontal stance might take up a lot of space. Hopefully the cultivars you’re growing are early-bearing, as those are the only types which would likely produce decent bunches of 'nanas before getting caught by cold weather, unless you have a greenhouse which would provide heat until fruits ripen. Have you tried growing the cultivars pitogo, senorita, etc?
bananas that keep dying to the ground will be perennial “babies”, since any new growth in spring(pup) is developmentally juvenile(regardless of age of the rhizome), until finally the pseudostem gets a lucky break by surviving a relatively mild winter. Below is a delightful-- if not utterly precious bunch of bananas 20 years in the making ! Quite certain you’d also make headlines on your local newspaper should you manage to get yours to bear fruits in your locale :slightly_smiling_face:

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More spacificaally
I have :
California gold
Ice cream
Nam waw
Dwarf cavendish
And just was thinking of planting sideways and mulching , has anyone done this ? …? …?

I was thinking of trying bananas someday in compost socks, probably need at least 10"-12" diameter but they should be easy to lay down and protect. Pretty easy to make, just sew a 36" wide section of landscape fabric in half and tie the ends.

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