Bare root fruit trees - store in ground or cold storage?

I have over 100 peach and a nectarine and pluot trees that are currently being stored in cold storage because my field isn’t ready for them. It is too muddy and there is no way that I will be able to get them into their permanent home for probably three weeks at a minimum. Do you think that I am better off taking them out of cold storage and just digging a couple of giant holes and getting them into the ground so at least they get some exposure to sunlight? Then moving them in a month or so to their permanent spot?

I would think as long as the roots are well protected in storage(so they don’t dry out), you could probably leave them there for a few weeks.

They’ve already been there for nearly a month.

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Plus you’re in zone 9.

But, if the cold storage is adequate, no harm there.
The problem is putting them in the field if the temps turn into the 90’s or something on your trees that have been in cold storage.
Could be bad going from 30’s to 90’s.

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