Bareroot Plant Revivals?

Does anyone have any tips or advice when trying to revive barely alive bare-root plants? I got 11 the other day(at like 80% off so that was nice). A lot of them do have leaves of varying colors and somewhat green stems on around half of them. Currently I have them on my porch and am trying to let them get used to more light exposure as they were under 3 shelves for however long. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated and I hope everyone reading this has a great day!

Oops, the plants are blackberries and blueberries if that matters.


If they’re barely alive, they could have been under/over watered, rootbound, starving for nutrients, etc. If they’re not too far gone, consistent care on your part is what they need. I would not let them dry out, ensure the pot is adequately sized for roots, fertilize.

For blueberry, collecting and watering with rainwater would be nice for it due to its lower ph requirement.

Blackberries- as long as it has roots it will live another day. Cut away all dead growth and a good low point with a node or two on whatever you have left for top growth so that the roots can survive and thrive without having to fight whats above ground. Bottom watering would be nice. Good dirt, good potting soil, sandy mixes with pine fines… all are fine for root development.

Blueberries- deep soak and do not use potting soil… use pine fines, and peat. Water diligently.

Dont worry about fertilizing or spraying or whatever FB tells you to do… moist growing medium and dappled sunlight until u see some vigor of new green growth… then party on.

Probably all of those unfortunately. I am going to try to get some more soil this weekend and put them in grow bags as our moving situation is uncertain and we do not want to put them in the ground. I didn’t think of the rainwater idea, that could be nice! Thank you!

I will probably need to get some more peat and other amendments soon. I don’t want to fertilize them until they are somewhat adjusted. I am currently waiting for them to adjust but i need to pull them out of the boxes a little more. Thank you for the advice and I will try to get the stuff needed this weekend!