Bareroot rhubarb in box on FedEx truck 9+ days

Ordered rhubarb and asparagus from Starks but the FedEx truck has been toting it around since last Tuesday. Do you think there’s any chance it’s still alive? I keep getting emails from FedEx saying it’s being delivered today but every evening another email says it’s in the truck ready for delivery the next day. I wish they’d give me a choice, UPS would be my pick. Sorry for the rant, just a tad bit upset, $70 blowing in the wind.

If it doesn’t take make a claim. I would write Starks right now and give the order number and state the problem, and that you may have to make a claim. Raintree is sending me a replacement tree this year, free, even postage. Starks will too.
You will have to wait till next year in all likelihood, by the time you know if it will make it. Try no matter what it looks like.

I don’t know if they’ll be good still, depends on how dormant, how much moisture, if they were/are now actively growing… I would see what they look like and then demand new plants if they are toast… Starks seems like a decent operation so i doubt you’ll have issues with replacements. I’ve never had issues with them, but i’ve only ordered from them a few times.

My nicest blueberry plant was from them. It’s awesome! Now 4th leaf and about 4.5 feet tall. The plant was huge when it came! I have no complaints! I have 7 blueberry plants total. All made it through the winter at least! Two are very small. Wish I could have gotten those cultivars at Starks. I was worried they would not make it through the winter, they did and look fine.

Doesn’t it just drive you mad? Hate that!

Stark gives a choice of replacement or refund without hassling the customer over whose fault it is. I couldn’t resist their clearance sale last June, even though I knew it a gamble. They sent replacements in Feb for the 10 trees that couldn’t survive.

It’s not Stark Bros. fault that FedEx is doing an incompetent job delivering yours. My boxes have always been clearly marked “Live Plants”. You could contact Stark to ask about the possibility of refusing this order and having them ship a replacement, or you could just wait to see what condition the rhubarb is in when it arrives. It’s usually shipped dormant, and it’s dark inside those boxes.

I’ll echo the good experiences wit Stark. They sent me a replacement tree no questions asked last year. As for your plants, I hope they survive.

I would guess rhubarb and asparagus will both unaffected by the ordeal; it’s not uncommon around here to see them for sale in open crates where they sit for weeks.

That being said, FedEx should know better! But do contact Starks and see what they have to say. I’d encourage you to consider refusing the order, but then you’re another X weeks out before they come.

I have apple rootstock coming that was shipped out yesterday( Tue) and UPS shows it won’t be delivered till sometime next week ! Not worried about needing it, but there was a $50 shipping fee so I am surprised it was shipped by wagon train and not a faster way !


Hooray, I finally got the rhubarb and asparagus from FedEx. It actually looked pretty darn good for planting, so I did. What a relief, too. The driver apologized over and over, bad weather shut them down for 3 days. The lady at Starks was very helpful and offered to replace my whole order, I just love that nursery. Now I feel guilty for my stupid rant, but have faith in the human race once again! Thanks for all the suggestions, this is a great forum. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am this spring puttering around in the yard, gardens, and orchard. The very best time of year!

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