Bark flaking off Bradord Pears?

This is a wide spread situation in our area. Almost every Bradford pear I have seen this growing season is losing large chunks of bark. Some trees significant amounts. I am sure this was due to our wierd weather last November where we went from abnormally warm temps into a week where we hit single digit lows and never got above freezing for a few days. The wierd thing is that no matter the level of bark sloughing off the trees still look healthy otherwise. No limb die back and leaves are still green at this point. Are these trees all eventually doomed?

Usually peeling bark is an indication of freeze damage. Do you have any photos? I’m suspecting this may be what you’re seeing, although it is awfully prolonged.

I am sure it is freeze damage. Just wondering if the trees will survive or if it is best just to remove mine now. The trees are like that all around the area I live in. I was at a golf course a couple of weeks ago and every Bradford along a sidewalk for a 100 yards had that condition. A buddy showed me one in his yard this morning and asked what the heck was going on with the tree. This isnt your typical frost cracks, but actually large chunks of bark that are falling off. My tree is missing so much bark on the bottom 2’ that I cant see how it is not showing a great deal of stress in the leaves.

Is bark peeling off right down to the wood? All the way around the tree? Even if those are both yes it may be a yr or two for the roots to starve and the tree to die.