BaseBuds fig

Grapevines have base buds.

Pear and apple have 2 base buds and a main bud on every node. The base buds are the buds below b in the picture. My 89 year old dutch espalier trainer for pear and apple call them nevenogen (
adjacent buds)

Normally base buds will not start to grow because they are very small and weak. With special technique, training and pruning it is possible to wake up the 2 basebuds of apple and pear tree. These base buds are used to get a perfect mirroring horizontal layer on a espalier tree.

Stone fruit like peach also have base buds but mostly the base buds die when the branch get older. This is why its not smart to prune a old peach tree to the old wood.

Do figs have base buds, and if u prune back to the base buds, will give the base bud fruit in the same year?


Roland How do you wake up the base buds on apple and pear?

U have to remove the middle branche to wake up the two Base Buds (Nevenooges).
And if this is not enough u can make a deep notch above the node. And make a lengtesnede (20cm long) directly in the start of the base buds.

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ps i found that my Ronde de Bordeaux fig have basebuds (nevenoogjes) like Pear and Apple.


i did some single node fig cutting as an experiment a few years back. almost all worked excelent even if they had no visible bud.

Almost all figs if seen have excelent capabilities to just magicaly grow a bud out of virtualy nothing.

On a mature fig you will often see two small bumps at the node, right above the leaf. One is a potential figlet. The other is a latent bud that will pop if necessary.

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