Battaglia Green/Verte Fig - Where to buy?

Hello, Im new to this forum and looking forward to learning as much as i can about growing edibles, especially in the Phoenix AZ metro area. I am very interested in growing things that I can use in my other passion: cooking and baking.

I recently planted a Violette de Bordeaux fig tree, and its growing very well. Its given me confidence to try another fig variety. My reading on here and other websites lead me to believe that the Battaglia Green (or verte) fig is a superior tasting fruit and something i’d like to grow and use in my desserts.

I know someone on this forum recently gave away cuttings of Battaglia, but I missed the boat on that, so I’m wondering, does anyone know where I can obtain this variety of fig on a retail level, in Arizona, or nationwide thru mail order? I ordered a Green Ischia from Just Fruit and Exotics, thinking they were the same fig, but I have since learned they are not.

If I can’t find this variety at retail, unfortunately I have nothing plant worthy to exchange, but if someone who has Battaglia and is willing to send some cuttings, I’d be happy to send them my awesome Meyer Lemon Cake made with home grown meyer lemons.

Thanks for reading, and I hope somoene can help me out !

Sam R

It is better to taste before you buy. There will be many opportunities in the second 1/2 of the year.

Check with the local CRFG chapter in Pheonix to learn who is growing what in your area.

Fig common names can vary greatly. Ischia Green Fig A.k.a. “Verte” is a Dave Wilson Nursery offering. I would look for a local independent nursery that carries DWN trees and inquire about ordering a tree.

Powells nursery are still shipping figs, they have Green Ischia $9 plus s/h.
They usually pack them well in lots of peanuts.
Just give them a week or so to recover from shipping before you plant them.

I added a strawberry verte to my cart and calculated shipping but when I hit checkout it said the sites security certificate was insecure and unsafe. Anyone else have a problem with this site?

Has anyone purchased from Florida Hill Nusery?

Their figs are dirt cheap. They are obviously small but 4 fig plants can be shipped for $6.99. They sell Ischia. They mention their figs are grown from tissue cultures rather than cutting. What does this mean?

I’m thinking of ordering an Ischia, LSU Purple, Italian Honey, and Celeste. Unfortunately they are sold out of VDB Which I really want to try. These will all be grown in pots. Are there any better options for 6A?

@speedster1 tissue culture is just a really really small cutting.
You do this to get the most plants out of disease free stock plants.

I suggest you Google Fig Mosaic Virus.

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Rabbit Ridge Nursery of North Carolina occassionally has Battaglia Green for sale.

Edible Landscaping of Virginia occassionally stocks Strawberry Verte aka Green Ischia. It has also been sold by Encanto Farms of Calif.

I received both varieties as cuttings from forum member, Fruitnut, earlier this year. They rooted well and are my most robust growers of the various kinds he sent me.

Bass has a few for sale:

Its getting pretty late and risky to have anything shipped in, you may have to wait till next dormant season. Your best bet is to come out to the AZ Rare Fruit Growers meeting and ask around.

You can also join our facebook fruit group Arizona Fruit Growers and ask there. Lots of people there who might be able to get you a cutting next dormant season.

In my experience it depends on the source, shipping method, and destination. Certainly its getting late (hot!) in Phoenix. The weather here is temperate enough to receive live plant shipments from many places year round.

Im in Phoenix and yes I meant that its getting hot here. In lots of other places this is bare root season. Ours is in January and February.

I just didn’t want a newbie reader (not you!) to think it was a universal statement.

Yes, bareroot season is pretty much over here by mid-February. But shipment of non-dormant and evergreen plants works in my location almost year round.

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I’m waiting now for a Battaglia Green from Rabbit Ridge, but they tell me it will be late May.

I received my order today from Florida Hill Nursery. These things were tiny. Not really what I was expecting for some reason. They are very thin and leafed out. The LSU Purple fig has spots all over the leaves. The other figs look okay. What do you suppose this is?

LSU Purple w/leaf spots

Strawberry Verte (Green Ischia)

Desert King

Petite Negrone

Looks like rust. There’s no real treatment for it, except to
remove the infected leaves and there are only 3 of them.
I’d ask for a replacement. They had no business sending you
a diseased plant.

Thanks. Considering they were shipped together and in contact with the other figs do you think the others will get infected? Is there anything I can do to the other 3 to prevent infection?

I can’t give you a definite answer , but I would think not, but keep the
infected plant away from the others. Normally a fig tree can outgrow
rust, once you remove and destroy the infected leaves, but your plant is
so small, it may not survive.

I actually had a closer look at the plants and I can see light brown spots on the verte fig as well. :frowning: this is pretty disappointing. I will definately contact them tomorrow about this.

I potted the figs and watered them in good. How should I take care of these? obviously I keep them well watered but do they need nitrogen or any other type of fertilizer? If so how regularly?

Rust on figs isn’t anything to worry about and no reason for the plant to die. It’s very common in hot humid climates. By fall it can completely defoliate the plant. But they don’t die. Around here I get none because we are dry. If I got those plants I’d not be concerned in the least.

Figs like higher pH soil so add a bit of limestone to the mix. Then some balanced fertilizer or an organic source. Not too much nitrogen or they will grow like weeds. That’s much less so in a pot than in the ground.