Be slow to judge your fruit tree

I suppose it’s a good idea not to judge any fruit tree too early, since many seem to produce tastier fruit as the trees mature. What cultivars of any type of fruit have initially underwhelmed you only to exceed your expectations later on?

I’m finally impressed by my five year old Silk Hope mulberry tree. Up until this year, I would’ve said Oscar was better, but Silk Hope has surpassed it this spring.


I was just thinking about posting about my Silk Hope tree. It really did amazing this year!


First year that I really saw production like this. I had pruned it in the winter and some light fertilizer and it really took off!


Me too! My other mulberry trees (Wellington, Oscar and Weeping) all have pretty typical production this year compared to previous years. But Silk Hope has taken it to a whole other level this year.

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I think some breeders or seed growers also should give up on fruit to early
Sometimes things need to be back crossed
even some popular breeder I read was not having luck the first generation.

I also have to say one person in Spain was cultivating a crop for market
The berries were no good in His location
He did a trial in Chile (or the market he breed for as well)
Those Lousy berries were great, in the Different climate
and a new commercial variety for shipping.

A unknown apple here ( in Batavia) was pretty bad tasting out of hand until I found the right time to pick it… …

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About that breeder in Spain keep in mind they have to go through tissue culture
So not as cheap as just sending plants of many selections …

Breaks my heart when someone may have a good type , but tastes bad to them in their climate
and all they have to do is send scion to different parts or the country.

Some bad flavors /textures , may develop in hot climates ,
some flavors may not develop at all in cool climates
(or be better tasting in hot where it’s mediocre in cool climates or maybe where was raised .)

(I do Love eating grapefruit off the tree in hot San Antonio Texas sweet, and no bitterness )

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My mother would visit her sister in TX and always love eating the grapefruit off he grapefruit tree she had in her back yard. She loved eating grapefruit but not as much as when she visited her sister in TX. That is the main reason I do not like eat grapefruit, bitterness.

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Thanks for the info, I will have to make another tree with sild hope. I have a multi grafted tree, but it was just to test mulberries.
I found thaqt the Spice Zee Nectaplum really gained flavor after the 3rd fruiting year, also Flavor King pluot. And many figs too, figs are in the same family as mulberries.
Morus nigra can look like a fig!


Mulberries don’t last long around here - my daughter’s favorite fruit. She inhales them by the fistful.