Beach Plums in California?

Has anyone grown Beach Plums in California on their own roots or rootstocks?

They should be excellent for coastal sandy areas. I’ve read from the USDA that they can’t tolerate clay soils, especially those soils with heavy clay and won’t drain. They can be grown elsewhere for as long as the soil is well drained and slightly acidic. Most of the inland soils of the California Valley are alkaline.

Since they’re adapted to coastal soils, will the beach plums benefit from fertilizing with salt? Salt has been used as fertilizer for inland coconut in the Philippines and it has tripled the yield of fruits.

Here’s an old but nice article on growing beach plums. I just recently purchased bare rooted beach plums from Oikos. Would try to do some experiments on them. I have already grafted them on my Japanese plums and they like it, so am hoping to get fruits next year. I’m interested in how they behave as rootstocks as well.