Bears in your neck of the woods?


In a situation like that, 100% culling is probably the only reasonable way to go. Bring the carcasses to Salem Prime Cuts or some other specialty butcher in the state and have the taxpayers pay for processing. Then donate to the soup kitchens. What do they expect the bears to do in their new environment? Trap and release, so they become another person’s problem…


IF the bears would eat the deer …


Now you’re talking…!!


All we need is slower deer.


they will kill the fawns in the spring.


The bears around us have learned human ways, One down the road was observed working a door handle on a house! (Fortunately the door was locked) They are intelligent creatures with a big appetite, but they have usually have a good sense of when they are “tresspassing” on human territory. Not that they won’t do it, but they are watchful and get out quickly if discovered…


Yes. Ours will pretty much always run unless Cubs are involved. I’ve walked within 50 feet of adults at night and they ran like hell .


Earlier today I read a year old Hartford Courant article about bear hunting that noted that the bears here are not afraid of people, but that in bear hunting areas the bears learn to be cautious of people. Your anecdote confirms this.


Just need more mountain lions like spokane peach! They will keep the bunny and deer population in check and dont eat fruit! They also are very shy of humans which is nice


Report is a bear made its way down main street in the nearyby town, opening car doors and getting into anything left out that it considered edible.

I’ve always said, I lock my car and house doors from bears not people.


dumpster divers!