Beautiful blooms


Some images from the last ten days!

First, I got myself some of those handy-dandy labels:

Some buds on my Moniqui apricot, probably the oldest image (it’s now in bloom):

A Strawberry Free blossom:

Most recent pic, from today (close left is Harcot, to the right of it is Moniqui, and behind Moniqui is Tomcot):


My Apricot tree




Vinod, is that your Blenheim?


Yes. It also has Tomcot, Orangered, Afghanistan, Moorpark and Gold Kist. But they are all puny compared to the main Blenheim.


Aprium Cot-n-Candy. The background is Gold Nugget mandarin.


Here is one of my Candy Heart Pluerries in full bloom.


Nice. First year to fruit, if not, what kind of flavor do they have?


Mine tastes like candy to me. Tiny fruit, very sweet, clingstone and not much flavor.