Beauty plum is about to ripen

Those look a lot nicer than my Beauty. I agree with others, Beauty is very wet. That looks like a good texture.

My beauty plum looks red inside out , but I’m not sure because fruiting for the first time only a couple fruits.

Same with mine.

Murky, this one is a little under ripe. The ripe one is more purple and very juicy just like Bubble gum plum AKA Toka.


That is amazing! My beauty plums were ripe ~2months ago.


Not sure if you’ve grown/tried Lavina…but it is amazing sweet plum. I had my first one today and it was shockingly sweet. I have a few more just starting to color up (different tree then the one i ate). So i’ll grab some pics as they ripen.



Looks good and juicy! I have Beauty plum too. It set fruits this year along with the pluots but all were destroyed by PC though I sprayed with Once & Done at least 3 times! Do you spray with anything else, besides the Once & Done Spectracide?


Good deal Rob.I have a bunch grafted. They are a very vigorous grower.Brady

Have you tried them? I think you’ll like them. The one i had was probably over ripe. I need to figure when to pick them. I had a ripe Superior today, I ate a Satsuma and then i had a Lavina. The Lavina was the sweetest…the Superior was good…but that skin is what “ruins” its perfection…the flesh is delicious…Satsuma is just that perfect plum flavor and blood red flesh.

I really (and our my kids) enjoying these plums. No or very little rot…other then some bird damage, everything has been A+…

Here was the Superior (it just fell off)


Glad to hear you are liking Lavinia, Rob. Its one of my top three plums now (Lavinia, Satsuma, Weeping Santa Rosa). Yours look bigger than mine, you must be thinning them more - it oversets a ton and I often don’t thin such plums enough.

Usually mine are barely reddening when ripe but this year I had to wait until deep red for ripeness.

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I haven’t tried Lavinia yet.They were grafted this or last year.Brady


Lavina looks very good. I will try to graft it next Spring.


I sprayed Once and Done and waited for the fruits to size up a about peas size then beard netted them for pets protection.



What rootstocks/varieties do you have the Lavina plum grafted onto?

@warmwxrules @Lizzy @scottfsmith

I believe i have it on 2 trees…one being an Alderman plum and the other being a seedling plum.

I only grafted Lavina last spring, so no fruit yet. I have it grafted onto a Mirabelle (from a nursery that doesn’t tell you the rootstock) and it really took off, grew twice as fast as any of the mirabelle branches. I also grafted a scion onto my multigraft stone fruit tree, originally a peach seedling, and it only put on a few inches. This year—FRUIT!

Lavina is overly vigorous, watch out that it doesn’t get out of control. I don’t know what stock I have it on.

Lavinia is VERY vigorous indeed. I grafted it onto P. americana last spring (2017) and it outgrew all other grafts at least 2-fold and ended up being a multi-branched 7 footer. And that is after being partially broken off in a windstorm, being re-wrapped and staked and recovering. Look forward to trying this plum in a year or two!

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These are my Beauty plums. Several were overripe, mushy and were thrown away. These are not. Unfortunately, we have had rain on and off for the past five days. It tasted like water with a little sugar in it. Near the seed it was sour/tart. This plum variety is very juicy.

They don’t ripe at the same time on the same branch so it is difficult for me because I bagged the whole branch. Trying to figure out if they are ripe inside bags covered with Surround is not easy, either.!!!

I have to say, its ripening timing that has coincided with lot of rain makes this Beauty not so beautiful, taste-wise.


Yes,. Too much rain during harvest season is bad. I got some Satsuma and Flavor King are about ready in a few weeks and I am hoping for a little dry weather.


My beauty plum has Red - yellow flesh, heart shape, very juicy nothing special and not too sweet. Really disappointed about its flavor .