Been North lately?

So I was in Cheyenne WY this week seeing the sites and I wound up wearing a coat! It’s a few miles from Colorado but I had no idea it was that cold already. It was a balmy 80 degrees in our part of Kansas today. Nebraska was even colder than WY! I snapped a quick picture as I was making a fast exit!

I did see a few crabapples but no other fruits while I was there. Anyone from there? If so do you have any problems raising fruit there? I went to see the botanical garden, museum etc… There were places in Nebraska where the ground was covered in snow.

Clark, we’re a ways north of Wyoming (our southern neighbor) but not necessarily as high. We live on the valley floor at 3200 ft elevation. We’ve got snow in the surrounding mountains and it’s 37 F at the moment (our low for the season so far was 33 F) but yesterday afternoon was sunny and lovely- probably in the middle seventies. I planted garlic and will be taking the tomatoes out very soon.

Most all the fruit has come in. We removed apples a month ago and have just a few pears still on the tree. Soft fruits are long gone.

I’m surprised Nebraska had snow already, but there was quite a storm through that area lately. I’m ready for a couple of weeks of a nice Indian Summer, but i’m starting to think it’s too late.


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Widespread frost warnings on the map up there

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Your weather does not sound to bad! I was traveling 80 highway through Kimball, Sidney, Ogallala, North Platte, Lexington etc. via the scenic route and then I cut back over on 183 to I-70 back through Kansas. I’ve been to Denver a lot so I did not want to go that route this time. In Colorado in the higher elevations I would have expected snow. I’ve not been to Montana or North Dakota but have been to South Dakota and the furthest northern parts of Iowa that border Minnesota. I wish I could have got a picture of the snow on the ground but was paying attention to everything else at that moment. It was raining when we left Cheyenne and then we hit snow. The picture of the snow on top of the hay bails I took was in Nebraska as we got through the snow and ice. You can see a little snow on the ground in the picture.

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Should have swung by my house. No snow here, barely sprinkled yesterday. Got down to 32 last night and left a layer of frost this morning. I would gladly take a low 20s night at this point to get rid of all the mosquitoes, knats and some of the flies!

My daughter has gotten soft with her going to school at KSU, she needs to wear a jacket when it is 70 now! You guys can keep your warm weather.

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We will.
Thanks lol

Thought about getting a hold of you but figured it would be better when everything is green. It was 39 degrees when I put my jacket on during this trip! I learned to carry a jacket after the first time I travelled that area in August many years ago now. A couple of ladies I went to college with and I went to pikes peak in Colorado in August and it was 20 on top. Well lets say I was shocked and have not forgot to take a jacket when traveling that area. That’s only two and half hours away from Cheyenne. I considered going to Estes Park but given the weather I decided against it. Enjoyed the wide open prairies and gardens and museums in Wyoming! Below are a few pictures of the Cheyenne park / garden/ museum. I was fascinated to find out they make their own whiskey now. I really enjoy the Arbor Day gardens in Nebraska and plan to go there again soon.

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Weather has been up and down, temp-wise at least, for the last few weeks here. A freeze then warm weather for a while then repeat. Not that unusual for Colorado front range mtns really, except the cycle time seems to be around 4-5 days instead of a longer 1-2 weeks that I would hope for and expect.

We had snow on the ground (a couple of inches) a few days ago, Estes Park probably had the same or more (about 30 miles from here).

While I would not complain about a longer growing season, don’t think I could take the hot temps of lower down anymore…

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This thread made me laugh! Funny thing is I wake up every morning and I am still “north”. No need to travel! That said it was 26C (79F) yesterday!