Bees doing some work


Beautiful mid 70s early March afternoon here in the DFW area.
I have 5 trees currently blooming, in order of bloom time below:
Super early yellow clingstone peach ( bought as mislabeled white nectarine from Lowe’s)
Candy Heart pluerry
Sweet Treat Pluerry
Flavor Grenade Pluot
Sugar Twist Pluerry


nice pictures. springs is coming


Interesting, I am on the 8b /9a line in western Louisiana and my 2nd year in ground Flavor Grenade is leafing out, but so far no blooms on it.


Such a variety!


I’m in the same area, and my Tomcot, JuneGold, and Loring are blooming too. All the other stone fruit are on their way. Exciting!