Being thankful for failure

Wendell Berry wrote a poem about the rewards of having not taken a horse to auction- I’ve never forgotten it. On this Spring’s last tramp around during grafting, I noticed that one of the feral trees I’d grafted a few years before had lost the Ashmede’s branch that had been developing- this would have been the year to topwork out the old growth, fertilize, and declare it a ‘proper tree’. With those plans spoiled, and with it being far off to one side, I’d just ignore it until grafting time in 2024.

Fortunately plans change, because yesterday I found it covered in small ‘Wickson’ type apples better even than my best full size Spies- scab free, no bugs, just perfect. That little tree won the case for being left alone just when it needed to! :smiley:


gotta love it when a plan comes together or doesnt. :slight_smile: