Ben Lamond LT

I got my first Ben Lamond Limbertwig this year and it rather pleasant tasting.

I dont have any info as to whether this is actually the real deal but have sent some photos to appropriate people, hopefully I can get a positive ID.


Glad it turned out to be a good apple.

That’s a rare one, glad you’ve got it!

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Thanks for the report. My Ben Lomand is only a year old so I have a while to wait before I can sink my teeth into one. :slight_smile: Are any of your other Limbertwigs producing this year?

I got one Fall Limbertwig off a graft this year. Had typical LT density, heavy in hand and muted but good flavor, not bad.

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Thanks for the report Steve. I have a 5 year old Fall Limbertwig on B118 that hasn’t fruited yet. :persevere: