Benchgrafts starting to add up

I’ve been doing better at not planting many new trees. I only have 3 coming this year, but I’ve been making up for it by bench grafting rootstocks. This seems harmless enough at first, until you realize these are going to eventually grow to be real trees!. I finally took inventory of what I have in root pouches in my garage. Here’s the list:
Some of these are more desirable than what I planted in my field several years ago, sure wish I could start over. Oh well, live and learn. I’m going to try to keep most of them in containers for a few years.

I’ve also got 6 lovell (peach), 5 Gisela6 (cherry), 3 myro (plum), 2 Geneva 222 (apple), 1 EMLA 111 (apple), 1 Anotonovka (apple) and 2 pyrus betulaefolia (asian pear) on order for this year. Yikes!!!


That’s a lot of trees. How much space are you working with? If you graft multiple varieties on them, imagine the assortment you’d have…
I have a little over half an acre and about 10 trees. I would like to have couple more jujubes but my plantable space is limited. I have 20 something large pine trees (that’s after cutting down 15 of them over 5 year period) and 2 huge silver maple trees that are 60+ years old. So the sunny spots are limited in my yard. I do admit, it’s nice to see your list. Makes me feel less crazy having 10 trees and wanting a couple more :slightly_smiling_face:.


I had over 5 dozen successful apple grafts last year. Have 50 rootstocks on order.
Oh, my!


I have plenty of space, but as my trees get bigger I am realizing how much work they are to maintain and spray. I also have to protect them from deer. I have around 50 trees plus a dozen grapes and a dozen or so berries. Too many. I’m going to top work 5 or so of my largest this spring so that will cut down on maintenance for a few years. If anything, I’ll probably add some more paw paws since they really do seem to require less maintenance. I finally harvested a few last year and they were pretty good.