Best apples in March

OK, I don’t have that many varieties to compare with from my fridge but the losers are Braeburn, Jonagold, Suncrisp, Baldwin, and Golden Russet- just not firm and crisp enough to fill the bill.

Best texture goes to Goldrush, as expected (Fuji would have done as well in that dept.) The other two well worth storing are Arkansas Black and especially
Esopus Spitzenburg, my new favorite antique. It is not quite as firm as GR but maintained a little more acid zing.


For March, Red Fuji BC2 all the way.

Save the Goldrush for April and May.


Thats good news on Spitz, I didn’t think it was a keeper. Maybe I will make some more of that one, I only have a one-limb graft now. I was really impressed with the couple apples I got off it this last year.

I found some Ashmead’s Kernels in a corner of the fridge and I was surprised to find that it was still quite good- a little bit grainy but still pretty firm and plenty of flavor. I would not have guessed it would hold up so well.