Best Asian Pear Tree for Inland Southern California~

Have room for just one Asian Pear tree and looking for opinions on which would be the best for my area. Very low chill area (100 or below last couple of years) but I am assuming some will still produce.

Anybody have experience in my area Norco (Corona/Riverside), Ca 9b?

Was looking at Hosui, pollinizer would be Southern Bartlett.

Thanks guys!

Did you ever get an Asian Pear?

My parents want Asian Pears but I have some worry about how they will produce with less than 150 chill hours annually.

Does anyone have first hand experience with Asian Pears in a low chill environment? Thanks!

I have not bitten the bullet yet. I use to have a Shinseiki but it suckered so bad I removed it (Didn’t last long enough to get fruit).

In the SF Bay Area, I would say Chojuro is the best tasting and grows well, although is susceptible to fireblight. Hosui is also highly rated by many for taste. Korean Giant doesn’t have quite as good a flavor as either, but is still very good, and it will keep well into the following year under refrigeration.

I’ve had a lot of success with Hood.