Best High Tunnel to grow fruit & veggies for Northeast?

Hi Folks: We are in zone 5 and want to grow figs, apricots/plumcots and possibly European pears in a high tunnel with an understory of greens all winter. Do any of you have experience with growing any of these things in high tunnels?

Do you have recommendations for the best high tunnel type and/or manufacturer and size? Thank you!

Check out Quick Tunnels/Quick Hoops, if you’re a DIY type it’s pretty neat.

Thank you, Ampersand, I will.

Check out Elliot Coleman’s books. He also has some youtube videos on building the type of high tunnels he uses. He is in Maine, but closer to the coast, I think. Take into consideration the kinds of wind loads you get when adopting a design.

Hi Just Anne 4: I just got Elliot’s book and video in the mail. Great idea!

This is a cool idea; reading this group has got me dreaming of what southerly crops I could grow under protection here in Maine (my extended family grows many acres of citrus and avocados near San Diego).

One thing to keep in mind is that most people growing in plastic tunnels are growing relatively low-investment crops, so a collapse due to freak weather wouldn’t destroy a multi-year perennial investment. Without much personal experience, I suspect that there’s a combination of ice, snow, and wind (or wind-blown debris) that could take out just about any structure clad in sheet poly. You might decide that it was worth upgrading to twinwall polycarbonate or something more durable to protect trees that you’re going to put a lot of time and work into…

Hi Ben: This winter has been so long and you can see what I’ve been doing. :slight_smile: Dreaming like you - what can we grow. You’ll have to come and visit when we’ve planted. We can keep in touch to see what has done well for us.