Best mulberry! Zone 10b

Hi all,

I have a semi-shade spot that would be nice for a vigorous tree. I was thinking a mulberry. I think they are delicious.

I only ever see the dwarf black at nursuries but was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a different variety. I do have access to DWN stuff here on the west coast.

I am in zone 10b…I’m not sure if that matters at all?

Things that I am looking for (and of course please correct me if i’m wrong)

-standard fruit variety (not the long skinny ones…) I seem to like the juiciness of the standards. That being said, i’ve never had the long ones but I heard they tend to be a bit on the dry side? Is this true?
-rich flavor
-productive…are everbearing varieties actually ever bearing?
-semi-dwarf tree, however not too concerned because it will be pruned to max 8’. Would a standard size be better in the partial shade?

Thanks everyone for the help. I know this is very vague but any insights you can give would be fantastic.


Sean in San Marcos, CA

Morus Nigra.
You can get any of the varieties – Black Beauty, Persian, English. They all taste the same. i.e. awesome!

I re-read your post- the only problems are semi shade and maybe your lack of chill hours. Nigra needs full sun and some chill hours.

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Excellent, thank you @ramv

I get around 150 chill hours a year on a normal year…but who knows what the new normal is.

Do you like the persian long mulberries?

I’ve never had one.

Thanks for the tips!


These aren’t particularly long. They are dark with deep red juice that stains your fingers. Intense sweet and tart flavor.

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