Best place to buy a decent caliper size Niedzwetzkyana a.k.a. Redvein Crab

Hi Folks:
I’m searching for a Niedzwetzkyana a.k.a. Redvein Crab for our cider orchard. I would like something of decent caliper size. Having difficulty finding anything more than a bench graft at this point.

Also in terms of larger tree stock - does anyone have recommendations for nurseries that ship good sized stock to the Northeast?
Thank you

Three years ago I ordered two Niedzwetzkyana from Trees of Antiquity. In California. Only place I could find them at the time. High price. But great looking, healthy trees.

(One is now 15 to 20 feet tall…and one I potted up and planted the next year and it is still 5 feet tall and has had only one fruit thus far.) I would add…I planted the big one in a customer’s yard…so it’s not mine now. But I could probably find a couple little limbs I could snip and propagate on mine.)

You might try to find the REDFIELD apple…should be easier to find. It is bigger, juicier, and makes great cider all by itself I am told. (I’ve already pruned all I can from my Redfield…three short scions, two I am grafting and one I gave away already.)

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Thank you, Blueberry. I had looked on Trees of Antiquity but they were all sold out yesterday when I looked. I saw REDFIELD on the FEDCO site today. But I’m looking for the intense red coloration in addition to the cider qualities.

Thank you for confirming how well yours did when planted in the ground right away. I’m ordering a benchgraft from Greenmantle. But still hoping to find a larger bare root tree.

Well, that was my best guess. Maybe someone else on here can help you. If not, a benchgraft may be the way to go, as I knew Cummins and Fedco were about sold out of the rare and unusual stuff. I have rootstocks ordered from Cummins and one other source. I think several do bench grafts , Vermont, Wisconsin and one in Kansas.

Yes, they all are and I’m late ordering this year. :frowning:

Well, if you want several trees, you can get Benchgrafts from a place called Wagon Wheel Orchards in Kansas.
Their price is $12 per benchgraft…WITH A QUANTITY OF TEN grafts minimum. And free shipping. BB

Thank you for that bit of news. I had never heard of them and I will look into it.

MaureeninMaine, if you didn’t get your Niedzwetzkyana, I can probably come up with a piece of scionwood. And also, Trees of Antiquity has it in a nice tree…but not cheap. BB

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As of today, at least, TOA still has them in stock this season.

Thank you, Blueberry. I can’t order until next week. If they still have them I will get one and also a Redfield if I can find it. I’ll touch base late next week and let you know if I was able to buy them or if I could use scion wood.

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Thank you, Jerry. I will be looking to place an order next week. If they still have them I will get one. Just in case - do you know of other nurseries that carry them?

I would guess Trees of Antiquity will have both? I’ve not been to their site lately. They cost a bit more than competitors, and seem to have trees for sale when others are sold out.

Cummins still has Redfield.
(And I can take a cutting or two from Redfield if you cannot find a tree to purchase.)

*And mine from about 2013…had blooms and I allowed one fruit to set that first year…which did stunt the tree.
I know of another Niedzwetzkyana tree that is 20 feet tall…on M111 root…a rather upright growing tree, more than twice the height compared to spread.

Thank you for offering the cuttings - it is much appreciated.

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I don’t, though there probably are some.

TOA does offer Redfield, but they’re out of stock this season.

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Possibly ORANGE PIPPIN…I think they have a U.S. branch. Have never ordered from them…but they have an informative website with descriptions that are more exhaustive than many nurseries.
They are British…wish we could order direct form Europe, but we can’t.

So, like Maureen, I was under the impression that Niedzwetzkyana and Red Vein Crab were one and the same. However, I was told that Red Vein Crab and Winter Red Flesh were synonymous. I actually have both Niedzwetzkyana and Red Vein Crab growing in the nursery bed so I guess I’ll be able to confirm at some point in time.

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That’s interesting. I bought a benchgraft of the Niedzwetzkyana from Greenmantle who I believe has the ‘true’ versions of most trees. However, although most of his benchgrafts have done well not all have and I’m not sure this one will.

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I ordered a G11/MM111 interstem Rubinette from their retail site a few years ago, and it was fulfilled by Cummins. Nice tree.

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