Best place to get apple bags and berry netting?

The title says it all. Where do you like to get anti-bird and squirrel equipment for your fruit trees and bushes? I’m looking for nets and bags to cover apples on the tree, but I’m interested in other, similar types of barriers. (I already have a spray regimen, so that’s not what I’m concerned about here. Spray doesn’t stop birds and squirrels.)

American netting has great quality netting for grapes,cherries, berries or whatever you need netting for. Not cheap but worth the investment compared to the thinner and cheaper nettings available elsewhere that tear and rip so easily.

Very happy with the 2 nets I got for my cherry trees from American.

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Bird nets:

Fine mesh to protect from insects:

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What size netting would you or do you use for a semi-dwarf tree? I’ve been debating as to what size to get. Some look like they would be way too big or way too small.

My nets are cube shaped(stapled), 8 or 10 foot rib, depending on the tree size, so one net needs 5 times length of the rib. Too small nets affect the tree growing, new shoots are deformed. Frame and good size net help to avoid it.

Thanks! Those are great suggestions.

Does anyone also use apple bags? Several of my trees are small enough I probably don’t need a net for them so I could bag the fruitlets after they form. I’m interested in trying to see if this is worth it on my smaller dwarf trees. The semidwarfa would probably be too much work for this method.

Where do you get those? I’ve never heard of that before. TY

I’ve used Maggot Barriers (Footies), and, yes, they are a lot of work to put on because you have to handle each fruit. You do it after thinning, and I always wound up thinning more in the processes by pulling off some fruit that I wanted to save.

It may be too late to order these this year, but they are the same thing that department stores use for customers’ trying on shoes. Perhaps there’s an oversupply in that market segment due to quarantine.

Also, I’ve used this to try to turn squirrels, but they are not fooled:

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I make them from netting I buy