Best Self Fertile Muscadine Varieties?

Ordering time for spring delivery. I noticed that all of the good muscadines seem to be female, but I have to have a few self fertile to mate with. Anyone have any suggestions for an eating quality, early ripening self fertile muscadine? Thanks+++

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Robert, have you checked out Isons Nursery in Georgia?

@randy_ga —Yeah, Isons is where I planned to order from. They have all the latest varieties. I prefer personal experience over marketing hype though. Any suggestions on a good self fertile? I was leaning toward Hall and Triumph. Ever tried them?

Paulk Muscadine

@TianTai I would love to buy several of those. Know of anyone selling them?

I also want to buy Paulk Muscadine. I hope all friends can provide web links or other information

I have Lane and it is very good tasting and early ripening. Planted Hall but it hasn’t fruited yet. Taste is different from one person to another but I am pleased with Lane.