Best Strawberry Varieties?


I ordered some rare Strawberrys from USDA, you get the same message with apples from Geneva. We’ll see if they show up…


Good luck! Let us know if you get some:-)


I was looking at raspberries from China and told them I’m an amateur breeder (as I am!) They said it would not be a problem getting seeds. I have yet to fill out a request, but was told I could get them.


Hi Patty. I’m catching up on an old thread, but did you ever get your Marshall’s? I’m tempted to order some, but that price is a rather huge hurdle! Thanks. Bob


I did, I ordered two, which promptly succumbed. So, if I try to do Marshall’s again this season, going to have to find a more realistic price point. One of our issues here, is the high disease pressure (mildew, vertilium wilt, fusarium wilt). So, truly, I’m probably better off growing more resistant varieties. I remember one commercial grower in Huntington Beach growing one field of Marshall strawberries back in the '60’s (corner of Goldenwest and Warner, as a matter of fact.) The family that owned that farmland were Japanese farmers. They only sold those strawberries at their stand, and I remember how great they were. I used to pick strawberries in the summer for my summer job when I was in 8th and 9th grade. Hardest work I ever did, omg. I remember coming home and actually crying I was so worn out and in so much pain! But, the perk was we could eat as many strawberries as our stomachs would talk, and we got to take home strawberries every day. That was heaven.


Patty, Raintree is offering them this year on the web site I think it was $7 a plant.


Thanks Patty. You did have a real summer job! (I just worked at Disneyland, which was sometimes painful in very different ways…). I grew up in Fountain Valley and got to see a couple years of the farm at Magnolia and Ellis before it got developed. I’m in North Tustin now, which is better for strawberries with much less marine layer and warmer temps (but of course they stop completely in the summer when we get more heat). Thanks to ChrisL, I’ll order a few from Raintree and see how they do. I like Raintree, but they ship so late for our climate…


Thank you, Chris! Boy, did a Google search for “Marshall Strawberry Plant” and Raintree didn’t come up at all. Appreciate the tip.

Patty S.


Bob, it was a gamechanger for me. My parents knew what they were doing :slight_smile: My grandparents on my dad’s side owned a very large farm up in Surrey, BC, and my dad knew what “work” was. He was teaching me a little lesson, and I have never, ever forgotten it! Speaking of Disneyland, I also worked at Disneyland for two summers (and part of my 1st college year as well). My dad designed and spec’ed all the lighting for Main Street, and one other part of the park (can’t remember now, been so long). We had lifetime access to Disneyland and a membership to Club 33. My husband also worked at Disneyland as a second job - he brought back the Matterhorn mountain climbers (submitted a proposal to Disneyland to bring them back on a contract basis, and they accepted!)

I remember all those farms. Much of OC at that time was farmland or dairies. I remember when Goldenwest street was named 23rd street at PCH, and was a dirt road, chained off. Went through Shell Oil land. My dad used to drive us through at night for a little thrill :slight_smile: He’d pull over, unchain the gate, pull in, the re-chain it. We had to drive really slowly because they would let cattle graze amongst the oil wells and it was pitch black at night. It became a paved road at the top of the hill, just past Yorktown, before you headed down the hill to Garfield. We were little kids and thought it was the naughtiest thing ever. Of course, he knew all the folks at Shell, so we really weren’t getting away with anything, but we didn’t know that!


For all you strawberry snobs–

Raintree just announced it is offering the Marshall strawberry again:


Oops. I see Chris broke the news about Marshall a week ahead of me.


Anyone think it’s really worth that price?


The softness of the berry is a game breaker for me.


Hi Liz,

In Europe we have this variety called Korona, it’s great…

Do you get them in the US ?


Gourmet Strawberries also sell a collection of three plants that you can choose. But it’s out of stock at the moment. I placed an order for Marshall, Fairfax, and Gariguette.


I’m hoping to see this one in summer this year. It’s from Driscoll’s, don’t know much about it. Probably a bigger than average pineberry. It would be nice if they sell plants too.

Photo from The Favored Strawberry


Gariguette strawberries? I have been looking for them for ages. Now it is no longer necessary. But ‘Gourmet Strawberries’ sells them? thanks


I didn’t know the pineberries I’m growing are heirlooms and sold as such. Very cool info! So much for it being a fad, it’s only been around for 400 plus years.


So, did you get it from somewhere else?


Indeed, but this one is supposed to be different from pineberry. But who knows.