Best tasting fig

I want to plant a fig tree this Fall.

My question is,
What’s the best fig variety from Raintree Nursery? I also want it as a backyard shade tree.

Panache is their best one that I’ve tasted. It reportedly does well in the arid Southwest.

Black Mission trees are common around San Diego.

Violette de Bordeaux is said to rival Panache as more flavorful, but it is a natural dwarf. It can still get fairly big, but as a large bush, not a tree.

I strongly prefer my Violette de Bordeaux over my Panache for flavor. My experience with Violette de Bordeaux’s dwarfed habit is consistent with Matt’s description and, while a terrific fruit, I second his opinion that there are better options for a backyard shade tree.

You’ll get varying answers as climate makes a huge difference. You may also have the wasp needed for pollination there in San Diego, improving flavor more. VdB is a very good one.

Raintree distributes a number of the fig varieties grown by Dave Wilson Nursery in Calif. This video illustrates many of these, including Panache and VdB:

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I decided to order Texas Blue Giant Fig.