Best tree protection from rabbits

I wrapped the espaliers I started last spring in spiral vinyl tree wraps. That worked fine as protection from rabbits, but they chewed off the lower branches.
What do I do now with trees with only stubs for branches?
How do I protect branches in the future?

How high are your first branches? The rabbits will continue to go for low branches, unless you regularly cook konijn met geuze. Though I do love bunny in beer, I am no good at catching or shooting them. I am using wire hardware cloth around everything, and no branches below 24 inches. Some people with high snows have even higher branches to allow for winter. Secure fencing going around a large part of the yard for larger animals.

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I still have a few branches that were not nibbled off. How do I protect these?

Some have used aluminum foil to protect from rabbits. Repellent spray might work if you only have a few branches to protect.