Best way to test soil pH

What is the best way to test soil pH? Has anyone tried the various electronic testers? Do they work?

The more expensive electronic testers do work, but they require care and calibration about once per month, so generally are not worth it unless you have specific need. For general soil testing the commonly available rappidtest pH test kits are easy. You just fill the tube with a couple of pinches of soil, then add the pre-measured reagent capsule, distilled water up to the fill to line, sake, wait and match color to the chart. Overall good, but test kit retails for about $9 and only includes 10 test capsules. A more eonomical alternative is color changing pH test paper like those made by Micro Essentials, although here doing the test takes a little more care, and you have to pick the pH test papers with the right range for the soil you are testing.

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