Best way to use organic liquid fertilizer on vegetables?


What’s the best way to apply fish fertilizer or seaweed fertilizer to vegetables? As a foliar spray or just via a watering can?

Obviously 1 gallon of spray will cover a lot more plants than 1 gallon of water will do, but maybe it doesn’t produce the same growth burst as it would if applied to the soil and roots?


I’d stick to soil, foliar can work quicker, but also wears out faster. Fish emulsion also needs to be broken down by microbes IIRC, so would not be of much help. Seaweed provides micros, as well as auxins, so would probably be more effective.

Found this interesting article that talks about some of the claims made by sellers about foliar feeding.


Thanks for the info. Good to know, but kind of a bummer too. It’s so much faster to spray and you use so much less fertilizer!!! :wink:


Yeah, but consider that what you put in the soil stays there even after a rain. I use Neptune on the soil and MaxSea (no fish) as a foliar and soil drench. Plants really respond well to both. Downside to fish foliars, depending where you live, is that it can draw raccoons which can decimate fruit.