Better him than me on this job-

A couple of poorly placed ponderosa pines came oujt of my neighbor’s yard this morning. Her kids planted them maybe 25 years ago, and they were getting into the power lines:

Not work I would want, but they took their time and worked carefully.


Ugh, we’ve had so many trees fall or break off in my yard and neighborhood that I assumed they came down a bad way before seeing the picture. Hurricanes and ice storms.

I found the best tree guy from it. They climb the trees themselves and the main guy knows within inches where big limbs will fall!

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Naturally the power company will de-energize the line first.

Other contractors are supposed to contact the power company and arrange for that on pain of a fine.

You would be surprised at how many recidivists there are from those laws. No kidding.

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A local power company tree trimmer was killed here a few weeks ago doing something similar. A falling limb hit the cherry picker and caused the lifting arm to spring up and touch the power lines.

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My neighbor had a huge maple behind me and some big power lines right under it. One younger dude took down the whole tree…he was good. Just used ropes and climbed the tree and lowered down most of the branches/or dropped the logs.

My whole neighborhood has had the chainsaw taken to it. I think the trees are just maxing out around here and starting to show their age (most houses were built in the late 50s…so you got to figure most of the big trees are from late 50s/early 60s)

Having said that…tree cutting is hard/dangerous work. I’ve done some log cutting/splitting/stacking… no thanks.

We have lots of No-Way (Norway) maples that were planted nearly 100 years ago, and the city is slowly working them over to a more mixed urban forest, so we’re seeing ash, yellow locust,burr oak, red maple and so on. So many of the earlier trees were planted under the power lines, apparently. Maybe they both tracked property boundries? Anyhow, it’s an ongoing project.

It used to be that they’d just crop the trees off several feet below the lines, but now they’re shaping windows, and that’s a lot better.