Beware the defoliants Utility companies and their agents use

The Wife and her partner to our estate sale business went to visit a 79 year old window who also is in the antique business. Her passion is gardening and Citrus, Figs and Pecans are her favorites. Many that she has grafted over the years.

Most of them are not common and some are flat rare. Probably 20 acres worth. Last week some outfit maintaining the electrical substation sprayed about 1200 feet of fencing adjoining her property. And now dozens of trees are dying.

She had the Ag guy taking samples today. It must have been strong as her dog had to be taken to the vet for respiratory issues.

It is really a shame. She has a giant Sweet Kumquat tree that was hit hard. The Pumelo’s really got wiped out. Looks like many of the Pecan trees are seriously in mortal peril. Her Almonds also are finished. Looks like her big figs at a minimum lost their crop.

Why does a company over spray so much chemical like this for a lousy fence line?


Sounds like user error/poor training.

I’ve watched the subcontracting outfits spray power lines for a couple local electric utilities. They are not well-trained individuals. One year they sprayed all kinds of junipers under the lines, even though those junipers have zero chance of ever getting within 20’ of the lines. The guys spraying were just spraying stuff for kicks it appeared. Fortunately for me, my electric utility has always sent out postcards asking if I will deal with the brush/trees or if they want me to have them do it. I’ll take care of it, thank you very much.