Big box store arrivals


Annual arrival of the mis-labeled trees has begun. Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart here all have theirs now. Pricing is on average about $26 for a 3 gallon tree. used to be 5 gallon. Same size trees as they have always had. Selection is terrible as usual but i guess since they are all mis labeled it doesnt really matter.
here is what i have found so far.
apples-Red Delicious, yellow delicious, Gala and Fuji. A few honeycrisp thrown in.
peaches- Belle of Georgia, Red Haven, Hale Haven and a couple other random ones
Plums- santa rosa and bruce. Then some Early and Yellow LOL lazy naming there
pears- ayers, moonglow and bartlett.
no apricot or cherries yet that i have found.
brown turkey and celeste figs.

I have one other place that will get some small DWN trees and Im hoping they have a few of what I want to add.



On a side note, how many have snuck some scion/cutting material from a retail store? Plants usually need a bit of pruning anyway…


LOL. i may have finished breaking off an already broken fig branch once.


Who sells Dave Wilson trees in Tulsa? What kind have they sold in the past? We were just down there last month, so obviously too early for any trees then.

When I was down there last year, from mid Feb thru early March, there were lots of new trees for sale everywhere. Even Sprout’s had some!

I picked up a very nice bare root pecan at Atwood’s for my Mom, it actually has done well for her since I planted it. It had some huge roots on it, very nice. I remember I had to dig about a two foot deep hole for it!


Southwood Nursery in Jenks does. I called a few weeks ago and they said they were still getting the small trees from DWN, basically whips, but no bigger fruit trees for some odd reason. None at all. I looked on DWN website were they list what items each nursery is getting and I saw no trees going to southwood. Just berries, grapes and figs basically. Very odd since they seem to sell them out each year.


Oh, OK. Never heard of Southwood, but I visit the area maybe a couple times a year. Hope it works out for you.

Check out Atwood’s, they seemed to have a nice selection of fruit trees that you usually don’t see at big box stores. They had a Jonathan apple bare root that I was really tempted to get but didn’t. I think it was only $15. Most of their trees were bare root, but they had a few potted. They had apples, peaches, plums, pears, and pecans, if I remember correctly. They also had some strawberries in flats. Of course, that was last year, so who knows if they’re selling any this year.


atwoods is usually my go to. Love the $14 bareroots. I called yesterday. They said they hope to have them in a few weeks.


Ok, cool. I imagine you’d heard of them. Yeah, their prices are hard to beat, and their bare root trees usually aren’t skinny little twigs, nice caliper on them.

What kind of trees did you get from them, and how are they doing?

Wish we had them up here, but we’re too far away. I don’t think I’ve seen any store around here sell bare root trees, I almost prefer those over potted ones.


ones i have at my current house from them is a santa rosa plum, Winesap and Jonathan apples. 1st summer was last year and they seem to be doing great. My old house i had a methley and santa rosa plum, and a peach I cant remember which one.


After we had a VD supper at Cracker Barrel today, I wanted to stop by Tractor Supply and check out their veggie seeds. To my surprise, they had bare root fruit trees in the store!! They only had 4 apple, and 2 pear and one peach variety available, price was $13 each. They had Jonathan and Honeycrisp apple, it was tempting but I just had to say no. For now.

I ended up getting a pair of fence pliers/cutters/hammer for $8, a pretty good deal.


Atwood’s got theirs in. Nothing extraordinary. I needed to add another pear and plum. Picked up a seckel and a black Ruby Plum. They had a Hanska plum that sounds good too. Apple selection sucked. Peach selection was typical stuff. Nice 2-3 year trees for $12.99.


Nice pick ups. Don’t think I’ve heard of Hanska plum, but I’m not a big fan of them. Even though, I’m getting three pluots in a few weeks.

I’m curious about the apples you picked up from them. Do you know the rootstock on them? Their peaches that I saw last year were some that I’ve never heard of. Did you see any pecans?

I think I may get that Jonathan from Tractor Supply the next time I’m in town. It kinda hard to pass up an apple tree for $14. I also need to pick up a new roll of 4ft fencing for the new trees coming in for deer protection.


No I don’t know what they are on. I hate that they don’t tag them better. I was hoping the would have gotten metheley plum but I can go over to my old house and cut some Scion of the one I planted there. Want to grab some sticks of the superior that’s there too. They did have pecans but I apologise I didn’t see which ones. My sister’s both have nice big papershells on their property so I just get some from them


When we were there last month, they had a 100ft roll of 4ft fencing for only $48! The cheapest I can get here has been $60, and that’s on sale. If we had room in the car, I would’ve got a roll of it and hauled it home. But we had a car full of presents and luggage, so no deal. I need it to put around my trees for deer protection.

Lucky that your sis’ have pecans, they are so expensive. We thought we got a good deal on some while we were there. We found a guy out in far east Tulsa who had Kanza for $20 for a 5lb bag of partially shelled nuts. That’s the best deal I’ve got on pecans in years.


You’re all amateurs! Buy the tree with your credit card. Drive home or to a place with no cameras in sight. Then take your own sweet time to snip off scion comfortably without worries nor anxiety. Then go back to the store and return the plant refunded to your credit card, tell them that you just changed your mind about it. No one at customer service would notice about a branch that is shorter! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Some of my friends do that, but I don’t do it. I’d rather pay anyway and use the plant as gifts to my friends. They’ll thank me for it, as it is properly pruned, and I got the scionwood that I wanted badly. If it didn’t take, I know where to get scionwood next season.


My luck I would do that and then karma would curse the tree to never fruit. Haha.


Tractor supply has great deals on the fence too. Got pretty much the same last year to fence off the yard for the dogs.


Well, TS has the 4×100ft row on sale now for $65, reg price is $70. They have sold it for $60 in the past couple years. That’s been my roll of choice, I think I’ve bought two rolls of the stuff already.

Sure wish Atwood’s shipped, I would have had already ordered a roll.

TS does have a 4×330 roll of field fencing for only $120, a better deal. But, it doesn’t have as tight a spacing as the usual fencing I get. What I mean is the fencing I get has 2×4in gaps in it where the field fence has wider gaps, some as wide as 6×4in. I guess I could use it, but it’d have to be placed further out from the tree to prevent deer browsing.

I never thought I’d have to protect my trees from deer when I planted them, just another expense I didn’t see coming when I wanted to get into growing fruit.


I get my fence from RK and stakes as well. I use their green tomato stakes to hold it up. Has worked well.


I checked RK’s site and their fencing seemed to be quite expensive. But their site isn’t the best, so I might have to give them a call. Closest one is about 50mi trip, and after getting “lost” in their hardware dept last month and buying lots of stuff for my berry plot, I prob should avoid any more trips there for now!

Why are using cardboard around that plant, is that like a substitute for mulch? When I blew up the pic I saw that it’s a jujube plant? I don’t think it’s warm enough to grow them in these parts?