Big Jujube Score

Had to share my excitement. Just scored these two honey jar jujube from the local nursery. Over six foot tall in 7 gal. pots for $55. That is a steal on the east coast. They only had five and I’m thinking about wiping out the rest.


nice haul! keep us posted here :slight_smile:

I looked at the tag. It is from Hollybrook Orchards. I have bought some apple trees, from a local nursery that were selling Hollybrook Orchards trees. They have nice trees, they even give you the tree guards with the trees. Really nice buy.426_HoneyJarJujube

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Hollybrook is about two hours from here, so there are a lot of places carrying their product here. I have plenty of their things have been well pleased with the price/size. You must have some good zoom to make out those tags.

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Hollybrook tags have a clear style to them. I went to their website and downloaded the the tag to post. I see that have 3 different jujube that they sell. I save all the tags from the trees that I bought as a reference. They have a nice website, with all kind of information. I do not think they sell to the public, only wholesale.

Congrats. My question is what you plan to do with 5 jujube trees? I am pretty sure they will produce, probably this year. Do you and your family like eating jujubes or have plan to dry or sell the fruit?

I have a small est. 250 tree orchard. Something I have been putting together to lend to income. Most of the trees are still to young to get any reasonable crop to sell. I have not tried a jujube yet. The others I have keep dropping all the fruit. For the most part they are for sale. We have a lot of people from all over the world here and I noticed no one else was selling them. Plus you guys have always said how expensive they are in the store.

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Honey Jars taste good but small in size. Sugar Cane tastes as good to me and is larger. I do not grow Li but know Li is latger but some say it is not as tasty.

@Robert I have one honey jar in the ground and a couple others on the way this year. I am excited for mine to have a pollinator and I just wanted to mention that you probably want to find some other cultivars to pollinate your honey jars. Nice find!

I have a honey jar that fruited heavily on its second year in ground. Hope it is as productive this season. I also grafted a sugar cane cutting to it that also fruited well in the same year it was grafted. Only one of 4 grafts took. Loved honey jar but sugar cane had a saccharine like taste. Maybe it will taste better this year. Anyways good purchase and good luck.

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I have a fruit dropping Li and a couple seedlings. Also, a small black sea that I just got from OGW. These were exciting because of the size and cheap price.

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You can always graft those seedlings over to honey jar too!