Bing cherry on sale at Starkbros for $12.99

If you want to add a sweet Bing cherry tree now is a good time with great discount.

I always wonder outside the Pacific Northwest and Wisconsin, what are other parts of the US, Bing can be grown successfully esp. in the east coast. I’ve seen them sold at Lowe’ and HD but not sure if they are suitable here.

If you count western New York as east coast. Here south shore of lake Ontario, we have many cherry orchard, and we pick cherries the whole month of July.

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I got a 6 yrs old Bing doing great. No fruits this year though. The -20F killed most of the buds.

Does it include Bing?

Yes. Also rainer.

My friend has a Bing and a Stella which is supposed to pollinate Bing. This is tear 5, So far, not working out yet.

Lappins is much better than Stella and pollinates bing well, we don’t care for Stella at all.

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